Tooth Fairy Hit By Inflation

This week I want to take a look at the serious issue of the going rate being paid by the tooth fairy for wobbly teeth, after all its not just mums and dads who affected by the cost of living and low wages.

The good news is that tooth value has increased 4.9% in a year with one in nine kids in London getting £100 for a full set of baby teeth!

  • Most common amount left is £1 but a quarter get £2 or more
  • Kids in London get 70p more than kids in the South West
  • Dad tooth fairy gives 31p more than mum tooth fairy
  • One in four kids get nothing for their baby teeth

The amount the tooth fairy leaves under a child’s pillow has increased almost 5% in a year to £1.49, according to the latest research from SunLife.

Average amount left is £1

While £1.49 is the average, in reality, children obviously aren’t getting £1.49 for their teeth. The most common coin to be left is £1 -. One in seven get £2 and one in 11 get 50p. At the other end of the scale, one in 12 get more than £2 and in London, one in nine get a fiver per tooth – that’s £100 for a mouthful!

London is the best place to lose a tooth!

SunLife’s research shows that there is a bit of a tooth fairy postcode lottery, with kids in London getting the most, at £1.88 and kids in the South West getting the least at £1.18 while one in five kids in the region get just 50p.

Children in Northern Ireland were getting more than £2 for each tooth on average last year, but this has dropped down to £1.70. Kids in the North East and Scotland have also seen their teeth drop in value, by 27p and 12p respectively.

Overall, almost three quarters (73%) of UK homes with kids get visits from the tooth fairy, an increase of 6% on 2016 when 67% did but the same as 2015.

The tooth fairy is the busiest in East Anglia where 82% of kids receive a visit, and more than three quarters of kids in Wales (79%) and the South West (78%) get visits too.

She is least likely to visit children in Northern Ireland where just over half (54%) get money for their baby teeth.

Dad tooth fairy gives more than mum tooth fairy!

The research also found that when dad is the tooth fairy, the amount tends to be higher than when it is mum, with dads giving £1.69 on average compared to £1.38 from mums – that is a 31p or 22% increase!

Only children get the most

Children with no siblings get more than those who have at least one brother or sister – £1.61 on average, with 7% getting a fiver, compared to £1.49 for kids with one sibling and £1.30 for kids with two. Kids who have three or brothers and sisters get more than those with two – £1.34 on average, and are more likely to get £2.

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