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The international money transfer comparison site that’s focused on giving you clear, honest information, so you can choose the best way to send money overseas.

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“We Recommend This Great Service, and its the first of its kind that we have seen, the DGOT team”.

This is a first for Doesn’t Grow on Trees and we are very excited to introduce you to the team from The Money Cloud, the only place to go when you need to ensure that you are getting the best deal on overseas money transfers. They don’t recommend anyone else in this sector, and they can’t see that this will change in the long term as this service is the best they have seen so far.

In today’s markets it always important to shop around, no matter what you are purchasing or whatever service you require, its essential to take time out and see what is the best deal for you, but it’s not always that simple especially when it comes to something as important as the movement of your money around the globe, you need to know that it’s safe and that you are getting the best possible deal, well that’s where the Money cloud really comes into its own.

They have taken care of business on your behalf, and by using the comparison tool at the top of the page or by visiting their site, you can be sure that you are not only getting the best rates, but that you are dealing with a company that can be trusted to handle your cash.


Trust and value are at the heart of The Money Cloud. They want to give you the confidence to try more cost-effective ways of transferring money abroad, rather than just accepting expensive bank fees. Right now there’s a real drive for change in the international money marketplace, and they’re here to address that. For the past few decades hidden charges, complicated terms and conditions, and a serious lack of clear, educative resources has made it difficult for people to find the cheapest way to send money.

They’ve designed The Money Cloud to show you how to do that, providing the facts you need to make an informed decision. They display the live, true exchange rates – not the ones banks only give to each other, which is often what’s advertised. They deliver dynamic search results for a huge range of 144 currencies. They publish straightforward guides and update you on all the latest money transfer developments, making you the expert.

The site helps you save money by referring you to specialist, regulated foreign exchange brokers. They’re the market leaders, with the best currency and commission rates for international money transfers.

There is more to this great site than meets the eye; they can help you with a wide variety of transactions relating to a number of different scenarios, and all with specialist help and advice every step of the way with some very informative tutorials.

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