The Karma Calculator

We have something fun for you guys to look at this week, the team at TrustTwo the loan guarantor specialists have come up with a new calculator which will measure your Karma, we thinks it’s one of the most fun things we have seen from the world of lenders in a while, and it comes from a company who are looking to generate good Karma through excellent customer service.

We have passed this around the office and had a great deal of fun with it, we would love for you to share your stories of good deeds and karma, so feel free to message us on the comments section bellow or find us on twitter.

About TrustTwo

TrustTwo lends to people who are currently struggling to get a loan in their own name due to the way their credit score looks to other high street lenders. TrustTwo is different, we offer responsible borrowing based on personal trust evidenced through Joined Up Borrowing. By asking our borrowers to request a family member or close friend to act as a Guarantor, we are able to lend between £500 and £10,000, at a competitive rate. As a TrustTwo customer you are in total control of your loan and can pay back at a pace that suits you.

Measure Your Karma

We bet that lady, who helped a lost tourist and also spared some change for a homeless man (bless her), wasn’t thinking too much about increasing her karma levels. And by acting selflessly, perhaps she doubled the value of her good deeds.

While we doubt that qualifies her to win the million-pound jackpot (although you never know), we do think she’ll get back a ton of positive energy, or at least a seat on her busy train to work.

To find out what your karma level is and whether you’re behaving altruistically, TrustTwo have designed the Karma Calculator. Simply click on the image above to see just how much good Karma you are generating.

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