Ten Money Blasts from the Past

Ten ways we used to handle our money which you may be old enough to remember, Enjoy

Old money versus the new modern ways we can spend our cash, the internet is full of lists we just can’t get enough, me included, so today I bring you a list of old and sometimes outdated ways we used to spend or receive our cash, you may be too you to remember some of these, but you may just be old enough to think oh yes how did we ever get by before…

  1. Remember when you could actually buy something for less than 1p! well back in the eighties right up until 1984 you could not only buy something for less than a penny, but you could also have a half penny in your pocket or purse!

half penny


  1. Again in the eighties you could have found yourself with the much missed £1.00 note, personally I would love to see this little gem come back tomorrow.



  1. Do you remember these guys on the high street? And are you old enough to remember who they became?


  1. Do you recognise this little beauty from days past? Before chip and pin we had to swoosh our way through the checkout.


  1. You may still see these little piggy’s when you go to market, but which bank made them a must have way back in 1983? Oh and if you have an original you may be sitting on a small fortune.

Nat west piggies

  1. Lunch anyone, you can still get these but they are a big 60s fad which have slowly slid in decline in recent years, have you ever dined out with LV’s.


  1. Long before we had our nifty little banking aps, we relied on good old fashioned paper, the Bank Book, who remembers taking theirs to the bank every time they needed to withdraw cash?

Devon & Exeter Savings Bank compressed

  1. This one is rarely seen by the customer anymore, the lesser sighted good old fashioned bank manager, back in the day when you needed a loan or mortgage you would actually get to meet the main man or woman to talk face to face about your loan. Bring this one back I say.

bank manger

  1. Remember when you used to switch a payment? If you are old enough to remember this little gem you may remember that before changing its name we used to switch everything at the till.


  1. Finally on our list, what would life be if we didn’t get paid for our work, my first two jobs gave me one of these once a week, cash in a brown packet with my pay details hand written on the front, now I am showing my age.

Pay packet

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