Skint Dad Review

Skint Dad was founded by Ricky Willis, it was started with the simple aim of sharing ideas on how to save money and also how to maximise your income, Ricky does this by delivering his tips and advice in a very simple and effective way, he writes short articles which get straight to the point and he uses actionable examples do this.

One of the best things about Skint Dad is Ricky himself, the blog is very defiantly a genuine work of passion for Ricky and you can tell by just reading his posts that he writes from the heart and through experience. I have to say that Skint Dad is one of my personal favourites when it comes to a truly genuine blog written by someone who uses and lives by the advice and tips they offer.

The site is a simple blog roll format and run and operated by Ricky and his wife, they are both self-taught and they don’t relay and an editorial team to do the leg work for them, yet the site still looks and feels great when you visit.

Ricky is also a very popular contributor with mainstream media and can often be seen on your TV screens on both ITV and the BBC, he also has a regular column in the Daily Mirror and ranks number five on the TOTs 100 parenting blog.

Here at Debt Busting expert we love Skint Dad and would recommend that you give him a visit, you will find everything from how to make more money, cheap recipes and some of the best deals on the web and high street too, Ricky Willis is truly a family man’s money saving expert and is without a doubt one of the most dedicated I have seen.

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