Savvy Annie Review

So this is our third Money saving Blog review, and it’s a good one folks, Savvy Annie is run by money saving Guru Annie, no surprise there, Savvy Annie started her money saving blog after she found herself using credit cards and overdrafts for longer than she would care to remember, which is a lot like myself and it’s a great place to start too as you know all of the pitfalls but more importantly you know how to deal with them.

The Savvy Annie money saving blog isn’t just a standard money saving site though, Annie’s seems to have craved a very good niece with the topics she covers which she does extremely well, the blog is slick and very well written and the advice is top notch too.

The site cover off four main headers, Money Saving, Beauty, Family and Fashion, the site is very easy to navigate and isn’t in your face either, Annie covers a wide variety of topics but plays to her expert knowledge too in the world of beauty and fashion, finding all the very latest deals as well as offering practical advice on how to make the most of the purchases you have made or about to make.

A very strong following on twitter with over six thousand fans suggests that Annie is the go to blogger when it comes to Money saving Tips for thousands of people, she has also featured in the national press too sharing her advice on how to make the most of your hard earned cash.

An excellent blog and very much worth a visit, one of our favourite blog headlines ever is ver much worth a look, SLOW COOKING FOR BUSY BITCHES

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