Save A Fortune Buying Refurbished Gadget Instead of New

The cost of keeping up with the latest tech trends is getting harder and harder to deal with for most of us who earn a modest income, just look at the cost of the very latest in smartphones from the giants at apple, the IPhone X which has an entry level price of £999.99 which frankly is ridiculous for a mobile phone no matter what it can do, the fact is that’s four times more than I paid for my first car!

It’s not just phones though which are costing the earth only to b old news in 12 months, everything from tablets to laptops are rising in cost as manufacturers add on extra bits of new tech designed to make our lives easier but more expensive.

But what if you can wait before you get the latest tech, if you don’t mind being just a few months behind the herd there are ways of getting the latest gadgets without the eye watering price tag, and one great way in by buying from companies who specialise in refurbed items, now refurbed isn’t simply second hand, with a reputable site such as music magpie refurbed products are products that another person has bought and then, for some reason, decided to return. Generally, prior to resale, an item is checked by the retailer or manufacturer for functionality, and minor adjustments or fixes may be made  perhaps it is given fresh packaging, or a new battery is placed in the product and it comes with a warranty.

According to, you can buy nearly any kind of electronic item refurbished including PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs, and digital cameras  at prices up to 50% less than you’d pay new.

I asked for some tips from on buying and selling refurbished tech:


  • Make sure the product has a warranty
  • Research the buyer: established brands or sellers with a lot of positive feedback are more trustworthy than eBay sellers with low feedback
  • Buy shortly after a new model has been released as prices drop!
  • Always check the condition. musicMagpie makes it clear with their grading system – Refurbished Pristine, Refurbished Very Good and Refurbished Good
  • The lowest price isn’t always the best deal – factor in elements like delivery costs, the condition of the device and the reliability of the buyer



  • Sell before a new model is released to get the best price
  • Buyback sites like musicMagpie are much easier and more reliable – auctions leave you at the risk of not receiving payment, plus you have to find a buyer and pay fees
  • Don’t assume your old phone isn’t valuable. There’s a strong second-hand market, so even older devices could be worth more than you think

Make sure you remove your personal data and any accounts (i.e. an iCloud account) before selling your device

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