O2 Priority for Everyone

If you are a regular visitor to my site you will have noticed we promote a lot of O2 Priority deals, the reason we do that is because they are some of the best deals about, but not all of you are with O2 so can’t get the offers, well here is a nifty little way to get on the O2 bandwagon even if you aren’t currently with O2 Priority.

Here’s How:

O2 says anyone with an O2 mobile – including Pay and Go, Pay Monthly and business customers – is eligible to get it. So if you’ve ANY unlocked phone, it’s easy.

  1. Go to O2 and order your FREE Sim card, when it arrives insert it into your smart phone and activate it, you may need to top up but the deals will pay for that in no time. Oh and you will need an unlocked phone too.

  2. Connect to a Wi-Fi connection and download the O2 Priority app.

  3. Insert the sim each time you want to garb a freebie or deal, the app should stay on the phone in-between uses.

O2 users can download it for free from Apple’s App Store, Google Play for Android, or Microsoft’s Windows store.

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