How much is Your House or Home Worth?

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Over the last 10 years house prices have had a bit of a roller-coaster ride when it comes to sale value, many people bought their homes at the top of the market pre 2008 and have since been trapped too afraid to sell for fear of losing out on their resale value.

But what can you do to find out if your home has risen or fallen in value? Well you could ask an estate agent to come and give you a valuation, but to get a realistic value you would really need to get at least three so that you can take the average, and frankly if you are just curious at this stage why would you want a bunch of strangers walking around your home?

Well I have been shown a very nifty tool from my friends at SunLife, all you have to do is pop in your postcode along with the price you paid for your home and bingo within seconds you get to see if your home has increased in value.

Now this isn’t just useful for those who are looking to sell their homes, it’s also very useful if you are looking to release some equity in your property, ie borrow money which would be secured against the property. (Always seek independent financial advice before doing this) Now you may want to get your hands on some money for a variety of reasons, such as home improvements which could further increase the value of your home, depending on the type of work you were planning on. Whatever your reasons for checking the value of your home though I give this little handy tool 10/10 for ease of use and its usefulness.

My Top Tips to Increase the value of your home:

  1. First impressions matter: Make sure that your home is spick and span from the outside in, new front doors and windows are a great way to give your house a facelift.
  2. Green Fingers: Make sure the garden is kept under control, simple is better as people like a clean canvas in a new home, make sure it’s child safe and inviting on hot sunny days.
  3. Paint and Paint some more: Make sure the interior is all up to scratch, nice clean walls freshly paint with neutral colours all round, don’t forget the skirting boards either.
  4. Kitchen & Bathrooms: Make sure both of these key rooms are of the highest standard, if it needs replacing or updating this can be money well spent, these two rooms are always top of the list of prospective buyers.

Give it a try for yourself and let me know how you get on with it, I should point out that SunLife did sponsor this post, but as always I am free to offer my own personal opinion both good and bad, in this case it was a great opinion.

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