Money Saving Expert Review

Today’s review is on the daddy of all money saving websites , Money saving Expert which is run by Martin Lewis and his team of bargain hunting bloggers and writers.

Now MSE has been around for years and it can be said that Martin Lewis was very much the father of all things money saving on the internet, I for one remember the site in the early days when it really was about saving consumers money and finding them the very latest deals both on the web and the high street. One of the earlier deals that always sticks in my mind was the Pizza express offers which seemed to generate a lot of interest, and there is no doubt that the Money saving Expert forum is one of the biggest money saving chit chat areas on the entire web.

The site itself generates a huge amount of traffic with millions visiting each and every week to find all the very latest deals.

Many of you will know that Martin Lewis sold the site back in 2012 for a reported £87 million pounds, Martin Martin Lewis the richest money saving expert in UK history, the huge sale price is testament to the fact the site generating over £20 million pounds worth of revenue each and every year, it does this by referring its millions of visitors to third party sites where it gets a cut or commission if that visitor buys a product or service ( we do the same thing but on a much smaller scale. One of its biggest partners in this area is MoneySupermarket the big price comparison site, and it was they who paid Martin millions to buy the site.

The above is important to note, because as far as we can see MSE is really now in 2016 more of a price comparison site than a money saving site, I thinks it’s fair to say that given the amount of so called tools which are in effect price comparison tools that’s it has now become more about making money than saving money.

A good example of the above can be found today on the front page of MSE, when we checked this morning at the trending section of the site, at least 7 out of 10 trending topics were linked to price comparison type products, we do not suggest for a second that the trending list is set up in this way, but it proves a point that MSE is now all about putting its visitors in touch with products which earn a commission for the site.

MSE Trending

Martin Lewis was reported to be stepping down earlier this year, which would make sense, after all do we really want a multi-millionaire telling us how to save cash, his days of watching his spend are well and truly behind him, and he has to be admired for that after all he started the site with just £100.00 and made millions. His replacement is quite telling, Jason Mills, head of digital at ITV News and former editor of News at Ten joined the team in July this year, and has a very strong pedigree in the world of commercial media, but nothing too obvious in the world of money saving.


MSE is still a truly great site, the daddy of us all, it has millions of fans and you will always find great deals and ways to save money on there, but it days as a Money Saving site designed by a man who truly wanted to give you the very best deals and fight your corner are over. It is now nothing more than a very cleverly disguised price comparison site which generates over £20 million a year in revenues for its huge corporate owners the, it’s still worth visiting but when you do please remember the links out of the site will generally with some exceptions be nothing more than an affiliate link, and more often than not it will cost you rather than save you money.

Please note, this was written by Richard Fenton and this review was entirely my own opinion.

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