Miss Thrifty Review

Now full disclosure here Miss Thrifty and I have both worked on the same show BBC One’s Right on the Money, but we have never met, but the fact that we both have that in common did inspire me to look up this great blog, and it is a great money saving blog.

In her own words this is what you will find “Miss Thrifty is a woman on a mission. She lives in Greater Manchester, UK, and never pays full price for anything. Spend less, live within your means and get out of debt – without resorting to recycling teabags”

The site is well crafted not just in appearance, but Miss Thrifty is also very witty and has a sense of humour I really enjoyed, the one thing we certainly have in common is a dislike for money saving tips and advice which involve you going back to the dark ages or suddenly living in the woods of fruit and berries.

The site itself is a very traditional blog roll with some fantastic ways to save money, I particularly like the thrifty baby section, which as a new ish dad I have found both helpful and practical, another great place to visit on the site is the Thrifty Planet section, which is as far as I know unique in terms of the subject and it has some great articles on there.

Miss Thrifty’s money saving advice has been featured in the national press and on both ITV and the great BBC too, well worth bookmarking this one and we can confirm we are huge fans.


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