Make Money Selling Your Poo

I may be going to extremes here, but I simply cannot ignore that fact that it is possible both here in the UK and the USA to earn money by selling your shit to medical research, I don’t use the word shit lightly here, but simply to highlight the fact that you can sell shit for money, and I am not the BBC so don’t have a stuffy trust to guide me on what I can and can’t say, so one more for luck shit.

So what’s the deal with selling your poo for cash, well since 2013, OpenBiome in the USA has been processing and shipping loads of it all over the country. The frozen poo is administered to patients who are very sick with infections of a bacteria called C. difficile. The bacteria can cause extreme gastrointestinal distress, leaving some sufferers housebound. Antibiotics often help, but sometimes the bacteria rears back as soon as treatment stops. That leads to a miserable, continuous course of antibiotics, so the long and the short of it is, they buy your poo to help people who are quite sick and to help with research.

Selling your poo

Now the clinic in the US pay as much as $40.00 a dump, with a bonus of $50.00 if you go five times a week, so a whopping $250.00 a week, $13,000.00 a year, who’d have thought taking a morning poo would be so er fruitful?

Now there are a couple of catches here, the above clinic is in the USA, so to get your hands on that cash you have some travelling to do, and to be fair when you gotta poo to gotta poo, holding it in on a 8 hour flight could be tricky.

What about here in the UK, well my friends at the Daily Mirror found these guys  the Taymount Clinic in Hitchin, although the team there wouldn’t tell Mirror Online how much each deposit is worth.

The clinic also employs a rigorous process to test a donor’s suitability, so unless you live an abstemious, fibre-rich life you are unlikely to be able to make any money from your daily dump.

If you get pooping for cash drop me a line and let me know how flush you are feeling.

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