Make Money Buying & selling Stolen Goods

Make Money Buying & selling Stolen Goods

That’s right folks you read it correctly, this post is all about making money buying and selling stolen goods. Now before we get started I should point out that I am not going to encourage you to start stealing, no we will leave that part to the criminals. This little how to guide is in fact going to show a perfectly legal way of making money by first buying and then selling stolen items, and the Police are actually going to help us.

How does it work?

Well as you can imagine the police are frequently coming into possession of thousands of stolen and lost items every day across the UK, and quite often there is very little hope of ever actually finding the rightful owners. This causes a bit of an issue as storage of these items can be quite difficult, so the police often sell items at auction to raise money for themselves and local charity projects.

Quite often many police forces hold live auctions which you’ll find advertised in your local paper or you can find them listed on forces websites, there are however plenty of  online auctions too. One of the most popular and well-established of these is, where you can currently bid on around 200 different items, the site updates on a daily basis and is well worth looking at.

Typical items include jewellery, household items, bikes and electrical equipment such as laptops, mobile phones – stuff that tends to get stolen.

If you spot something you’d like to own on, you will need to register before you can bid which typically takes two to four days. You can then either search for things being sold near you, or get them delivered. To bid you need to set up a Bumblebee account and also an e-money account with Nochex, which is the only form of payment Bumblee accepts currently.

Now one thing to consider is this, there are no take backs and everything is bought sold as seen, so if you buy something such as a bike or watch it may need a little TLC before you can sell it on etc. That’s said there are some outstanding bargains to be had. Also larger items may have to be collected from the Police station holding the item.

Not all police stations use Bumblebee, with Leicester Police having their very own eBay store which auctions its items for sale. It’s also well worth doing online searches for similar sales, last year a number of pop up shops stated to sell items over the counter.

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