Make Money Buying Booze

I am at it again folks, looking for ways for you to make some extra cash via some unusual and often fun routes, this one is a little gem, but be warned looks are very important on this little money maker, in my quest to find you ways of making money through less conventional and boring routes I have found someone who will pay you to go out and buy booze.

Don’t worry though I am not about to suggest that you provide a booze buying service for underage drinkers hanging about your local off licence, in fact this money making plan works an a very strong moral principle in that respect.

So how can you make money buying booze?

Serve Legal pays 18 and 19 year-olds to buy age-restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco from bars and supermarkets, and to test if they are asked for ID when placing bets and buying lottery tickets.

So – if you are:

  • Looking for part-time, flexible work to fit around studies/other work.
  • Reliable and self-disciplined; any assignment undertaken must be completed on time and the online report completed within 12 hours of the visit.
  • Observant and accurate, able to use good Standard English.
  • Willing to travel around your area to complete a number of visits (from 3-15 minutes long).
  • Have access to a computer and the Internet.

Visit them here and apply

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