keeping Your Christmas Presents Powered Up

Christmas is finally here, and whether you’ve still got last minute Christmas shopping to do or you’ve been organised for weeks, it can still be a very stressful time. Between socialising, hosting and making sure everything is in place, shopping for presents can sometimes feel overwhelming. What’s more, many gadgets and toys will need to be powered by batteries; which are usually never included. This can make your shopping list even longer; after all, it seems pointless to give a gift that can’t be used until batteries are bought at a later date!

Likewise, you may receive gifts that require batteries, and it can be frustrating when you can’t find a single battery in the house. With that in mind, it might be time to stock up on your batteries to make sure Christmas presents are powered up this year!

What’s more, ensuring you have a few extra batteries in the house can guarantee your Christmas presents remain powered up into the new year and beyond, making sure you aren’t caught short whether it’s your children’s new toy or your new gadget. Just make sure you keep any spare batteries out of reach of your kids!

Best batteries to use in toys

You will usually find that children’s toys in particular won’t come with batteries included, sometimes for safety reasons. This means you’ll need to go out and buy some that are suited for the device; after all, what fun is a new toy if you can’t use it straight away?

The majority of toys and gadgets will take AA or AAA batteries, but sometimes you may find a specialist size is required. Check the packaging for information on what batteries the device takes.

When it comes to buying the right battery for the new toy, look for quality batteries that are equipped with the latest technology. Many now have improved shelf life and better features like anti-leaking and low discharge rate. Some will even keep their power for up 10 years when not in use.

This is particularly helpful when stocking up on batteries for into the new year, as it means you’ll always have spare batteries on hand to replace in your children’s favourite toys.

Best batteries for high drain devices

High drain devices are things like digital cameras, MP3 players or game controllers. They are known as this because they use a lot of battery power, often for a prolonged amount of time. If you receive a gift like this for Christmas, or are giving one, you should carefully consider the battery type.

Rechargeable batteries are usually the best option. This is because they will offer long-lasting performance and it means you won’t go through packs and packs of batteries. Simply recharge your rechargeable batteries and you can use your device again with ease. Some types can be recharged hundreds of times, which will also save you money in the long run. Again, this is really helpful for using your new presents well into the new year and further down the line.

By choosing the right batteries for your new presents, you can ensure that your gadgets and other devices can be used almost immediately, with spares to hand for when they run down!

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