Idealo Review

Idealo the best website you haven’t heard of yet, this week is a week of reviews from and this review is probably going to generate more interest from our money savers than most.

Idealo is a price comparison site for just about anything and everything you could think of, the site attracts over ten million monthly users across India and seven European countries, and currently has over 107.5 million offers from 22,800 shops for you to compare from. Their prices are regularly updated and feature comprehensive, thoroughly-researched product information. Plus they equip consumers with the knowledge they need to find the cheapest prices.


The site has been on the go for the last 15 years and its huge, they have a very clever app which lets you scan barcodes and will then search the web to find you the very best deal on the item you are looking to buy.

Personally I think this site is perhaps the most useful price comparison site out there at the moment, we tried to catch the site out by searching for obscure items and every time it came up trumps, we even asked it to find us a talking toilet seat, and it did!

If you are in the market for anything you need to search for the best deal using this site, and before you ask we have no affiliation with them at all, so we don’t earn a penny if you use them, this site is simple a sterling 10/10.

Another great thing about this site is that as well as finding you the best deal on just about any item you would want to buy, they also have a great section which is dedicated to finding you the best deals on flights.

All in all, if you only visit one site after ours today make it this one.

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