How to Grow Chillies Indoors

This is a great way of growing your very own hot chillies indoors, no need for a garden or even pots which need to be outdoors, it’s not going to save you a fortune but if you are like me and use them a lot it’s well worth the effort,  I have done this a few times and I have to say there is nothing as good as cooking with produce you have grown yourself.

Things You Will Need

  • 4-inch plastic pots
  • Soilless potting mix
  • Big Lamp (table lamp which can face downwards 40 watt bulb)
  • Liquid fertilizer
  • 8- to 10-inch pots
  • Seeds



  1. Fill 4-inch plastic pots with the potting mix to within 1 inch of the top.
  2. Press one seed into each prepared pot, at least 1/4 inch deep, into the centre of the potting mixture. Cover the planted seeds with potting mix.
  3. Place the pots in a warm, well-ventilated room
  4. Water the plants with warm water until water runs from the drainage holes in the bottom of the pots. Keep the pepper plants uniformly moist, but do not over-water them or the seeds might rot.
  5. Place 40-watt lamp 3 to 6 inches from the top of the plants and ensure the plants receive 12 to 16 hours of light daily after the seeds germinate and sprouts are visible through the soil.
  6. Water the plants with a 50-50 mix of water and liquid fertilizer once a week after the seedlings reach 2 inches. A 15-15-15 nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus mix is best for indoor hot pepper plants.
  7. Transplant the seedlings to 8- to 10-inch pots when the plants are at least 4 tall. Fill the larger pots with the potting mix to within 1 inch of the top. Make an indentation in the centre and place the seedling into this hole, gently pressing the roots into the soil. Cover the roots and the base of the plant with additional potting mix.
  8. Place the plants in a window where they can receive direct sunlight for 10 to 12 hours per day, or use grow lamps set 6 inches from the tops of the plants. The plants typically produce fruit in 90 to 110 days.
  9. Harvest the peppers when the fruits are shiny and firm. Grasp each pepper near the stem and gently tug it loose. Most varieties of hot peppers will continue to produce fruit for several months indoors.

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