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If you’re a BT broadband customer you may be feeling somewhat let down at the moment, as once AGAIN they’ve decided to reward loyal customers with yet another mid-contract price rise. This is something that really gets my back up –  large companies who feel it’s ok to increase their prices without any real just cause, other than to increase their profits. It’s something we see across many sectors and especially in areas such as Broadband and Utilities.

What many people don’t realise is that you can change providers if you’re very annoyed by this type of behaviour. Many of us will stay with the same suppliers because we think it’s too much hassle to swap over to a new cheaper provider. This could be costing you hundreds of pounds of hard earned cash that could be put to much better use. Customer loyalty is all too often rewarded by yearly price rises -which can easily add up to an eye-watering sum of money!

I moved my Broadband over to TalkTalk last year, as I’d noticed that they’d been building a good reputation for being fair – and offer excellent value for money guaranteeing no broadband price rises for the length your contract. TalkTalk has also recently launched a Great Connection Guarantee – this means that New fibre customers are free to leave at any time during the first 30 days of their service going live to make sure customers are on the right package for their needs! So you can simply walk away with no penalties, unlike England earlier this year…

When you compare TalkTalk to BT, you can save up to £334 vs BT over 24 months! Ask yourself – why would you want to pay an extra £334 with a company who don’t think twice about hiking prices on customers who are already with them?

My advice here is simple, as soon as your broadband contract is up for renewal , take a look at what TalkTalk are offering, which is a great price for a great service that doesn’t have any nasty surprises mid-term. What’s more, from 17th August until 21st September you can take advantage of TalkTalk’s Faster Fibre Broadband for just £23.50 a month. New Faster Fibre customers will also receive TalkTalk’s Wi-Fi Hub (I have one, and it’s great), providing unbeatable Wi-Fi signal that reaches more corners of the home across more devices than ever before. That’s because the new Wi-Fi Hub uses next generation Wi-Fi technology to offer twice the speed of TalkTalk’s existing Super Router!

So in summary, if you want a fair deal at a very fair price I’d recommend TalkTalk –  I make no secret of the fact that I’m a biased and happy customer, but the Great Connection Guarantee just made it an easy decision to work with them on this great deal.

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