Get Paid for Walking & Exercising

Here is an interesting way to make a few extra pounds while trying to shed a few pounds all at the same time, recently we have seen a huge rise in the popularity of fitness aps and gadgets such as the very popular fitbit and various apple fitness aps. But did you know that some of these aps actually have rewards programs which for want of a better expression run alongside them, you can actually earn cash and vouchers with them, granted it’s not huge sums but hey it’s still free.


One of the most popular aps out there was recently featured on BBC Ones Right on the Money where as many of you will know I am one of the resident financial experts, the ap in question is called bounts a start-up company who are based here in the UK.

How it works

  • It Free to join and easy to sign up

  • Track your daily exercise with your fitness apps, devices and when visiting the gym

  • Your automatically tracked activities turn into points (what they call bounts)

  • Spend your bounts with big brands – earn cash vouchers for your favourite high street stores. Genuine cash vouchers delivered to you

  • Rewards available in the UK, USA and India. More countries coming soon

You need to be walking about 7,000 steps a day to get any benefit and it will take you about six months to earn a five pound M&S voucher for example, but it fairness as its free cash for exercise its well worth a go, oh and 7,000 steps isn’t actually that much over the course of a day, if you go to the gym too it will soon add up.


You can upgrade from free to premium which boots your earnings quite a bit, but my advice is try the free version first to see if it’s worth an upgrade.

The feedback I have had from my twitter followers who have tried this has been on the whole very positive, people certainly think it’s a great way to get cash and some extra incentive to do a little more each time they exercise, we would love to hear your thoughts and views if you have tried any of the aps out there, so please get in touch and tell us your story.

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