Get a FREE Tastecard worth £80.00

Here is a nifty trick which has been floating about for a little while now which will get you a FREE Tastecard which would normally cost £80.0 absolutely free apart from a small £3.99 delivery charge for the card itself. Tastecard gets you 50% off or 2 for 1 discount at 1000s of UK restaurants, its quite a nifty card.

Total saving for this deal is £91.00 even after the £3.99 postage

Here how it work’s

Stage One

First you need to join up at Supercard which is a great site offering discounts and in this case freebies, currently they are running a 30 day free trial offer so it won’t cost you a penny. Sign up to Supercard HERE

The Supercard normally costs £14.95 a month so right away you are £14.95 up on the deal. You can use that to sign up to get your Tastecard free for 12 months and the Tastecard continues even if you stop using the Supercard afterwards, you will have 30 days free so don’t forget to cancel if you do not wish to be charged for ongoing membership.


Stage Two

Once you have joined sign in to Supercard, go to the food and drink category, and click on Tastecard. Click ‘Email code’, and it should email you a unique code right back.

Go via this specific Tastecard link and enter your details and unique code to sign up. When the page refreshes it’ll show your Tastecard membership number and it will also get sent to you via email.

The  Tastecard is an  app in this instance and is available on all of the major smart phone OS, Download it and then open it, and click ‘my card’. Follow the instructions to set up your membership. Its that simple, well worth the trouble for a £90.00 saving.



Warning: Don’t forget your free Supercard membership is only free for 30 days after which you will be charged, you can cancel your membership any time before that if you wish to leave, set a reminder on your phone so you don’t forget.

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