Facing your Money Worries Head On

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by Debt Busting Expert, Richard Fenton

Facing your problems with debt can be one of the hardest things to do, and for many of us when the time does eventually come for us to tackle the issue head on, its usually because our hand has been forced by drastic action being taken by a creditor, such as court action which can eventually lead to the dreaded bailiffs turning up at the door.

In fact a leading debt management company, PayPlan have highlighted some very important statistics which show just how much we owe our creditors, and they have broken the numbers down region by region from across all parts of the UK, you may be surprised to learn and a little comforted by the fact that no matter what your situation, you are certainly not alone.

The data revealed three key headlines:

  1. The UK’s average debt was a staggering £16,753
  2. The average age of people seeking debt help is 43
  3. There was a 50/50% split between male and female referrals

The data looked at all parts of the UK and we can reveal to you the top 10 areas in the UK with the highest average debt values, and they are:

  1. Essex: £18,508
  2. Cambridge: £18,463
  3. Belfast: £17,114
  4. Cardiff: £17,082
  5. Glasgow: £16,841
  6. Newcastle: £16,744
  7. Bristol: £16,671
  8. London: £16,574
  9. Edinburgh: £16,560
  10. Birmingham: £16,464

Now it’s important to note that no matter where you live in the UK money worries can and do play hard on the minds of anyone who is living with them, it can be incredibly stressful dealing with such issues alone, and quite often the people I deal with on a daily basis often believe that they have nowhere to turn, well as usual I have a solution for anyone who is looking for help, and even for those who feel that things aren’t too bad, yet.

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PayPlan have come up with a nifty little tool called “Diagnose Your Debt” and it’s as simple to use as the name suggests, the tool is an easy to use calculator, designed to ask you a series of simple yes and no questions centered around the most common debt warning signs. Once the questions have been completed, the tool will diagnose how debt savvy you are, it’s a great way to give yourself an impartial view of your current situation, and what’s more you don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want.

Take my advice, no matter what you think your situation is, give it a try, it won’t cost you a penny and it might just give you a head start on a problem you didn’t really think existed.

But there is a bonus here too folks, and its one I like, in fact it’s kind of crucial for me this point, as PayPlan do something I love, which is they can give you some free debt advice and help when it comes to dealing with debt and money worries, PayPlan are one of a very small handful of organizations I will ever recommend, and that’s because they won’t charge you for a Debt Management Plan, which means if you use them, every penny you spend goes directly to your creditors.

I would also ask you all to help me spread the word about this, so if you know of anyone who could do with some help, spread the word and pass the link to this blog post today, or use our social media share buttons to help spread the message.

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