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Finding the perfect broadband, home phone and TV deal can be a daunting task. Plus with thousands of deals to choose from it can be a little confusing to say the least! The first step is to figure out what you’re actually going to need from your broadband connection before you begin the process.

If you’re just starting out it’s likely that you’re looking for a package that’s easy to set up, not too expensive and offers good customer support. The following guide is designed to help you work out which is the best broadband deal for you and how to decipher what package best suits your internet needs.

I’ve also got some great broadband advice to those living in central London as I’ve partnered with wireless internet provider Relish – which offers unlimited broadband for just £20 a month, with delivery the same day (if you order before 12 and for a one off £20 delivery fee) or free next day delivery. You don’t need a landline and what’s more you can install it all yourself, it’s as simple as plugging in the TV – revolutionary!

What kind of broadband package do I want?

Unlimited data – Do you enjoy downloading or streaming oodles of songs and movies? It’s almost certain that you’ll be classed as a heavy user, meaning you’ll want faster speeds and higher data limits.

You should be on the look out for broadband providers offering unlimited usage so there’s no cap to your monthly data allowance. Opting for a broadband provider like Relish will get you truly unlimited, broadband – so there’s no chance of you running out of data halfway through that new Netflix show.

Need internet NOW?Recent research has revealed that over 300,000 people a year suffer from zero internet connection for two weeks or longer when switching broadband providers – with some still being charged despite having no service.

The research also found that the thought of being without internet for such a long period of time is putting customers off from switching broadband providers and potentially losing out on saving a significant amount of money per month.

Relish offers delivery the same day (if you order before 12 and for a one off £20 delivery fee) or free next day delivery to customers living in central London – doing away with unnecessary wait times for an internet connection and meaning you can get online hassle free and avoid broadband blackouts.

Do away with landlines – When’s the last time you used your home phone to make a call? If someone asked you what your landline number was, could you recite it? Relish found that 22% of us never use our landline to make calls and only one in five of us actually know our landline number.

When looking at a broadband deal that is truly tailored to your needs, why not ask yourself – do I actually need a landline phone? If the answer is no, Relish offers wireless broadband. Their indoor hub plugs directly into the power socket, no cables and no more useless landline you never use! What’s more, with line rental fees amounting to (on average) £17 a month – the switch could save you a lot of money.

What’s best for students? – Many students live in either short-term rental properties, shared accommodation or ‘halls’ – University provided accommodation. In these cases, setting up a long-term 18 or 24-month broadband contract isn’t cost effective and cancelling a broadband deal mid-way through can be costly.

Additionally for many young people these days, the majority of their favourite TV shows and series are consumed on laptops or tablets, so signing up for a broadband and television ‘bundle’ has become increasingly unnecessary.

If you, or perhaps your children, are looking for an alternative broadband provider in central London that services this specific set of needs, it may be worth while looking to Relish. They offer rolling contracts (more on that later) and just charge you for broadband, so no need to commit to television (or landline) charges that you just don’t need.

Short or long term contracts – Many broadband providers lock people into long contracts with impenetrable small print, not only is this confusing for customers, but it also makes people hesitant to look for better deals. Relish offers transparent pricing, with no hidden costs, and short-term contracts starting from just one month – because they understand people like to be flexible. It’s also the perfect solution for those in short-term rental contracts.

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