Back to School Bargains as Parents Prepare to Spend £3.5bn

New research out today by reveals the true cost of going back to school, with parents up and down the country set to spend a massive £3.4bn on kitting their kids out for the new term.

The study of over 2,000 parents by found that the average family will spend £244.90 per child on preparations for the new school term, shelling out on everything from pencil cases to plimsolls. School uniforms top the list of pricey school supplies (£52.90), followed by coats / jackets (£38.70) and school shoes (£36.50).

Top five costly school items Average amount spent per child National total
School uniform £52.90 £732m
Coat / jacket £38.70 £535m
School shoes £36.50 £505m
PE kit £28.90 £400m
Books and stationery £26.00 £360m

Pricey pupils

Those set to enter Year 6 to Year 8 are the priciest pupils, with parents set to splash an average of £276.20 getting 11 to 13-year-olds ready for a new school year. Those in early years (Reception up to Year 2) cost the least (£182), possibly down to savvy parents using sibling hand-me-downs to help save money.

When it comes to spend by specific subjects, those set to specialise in sports and music will spend more than the average student on school supplies, with PE, music and technology claiming the top spots on the list of the most expensive subjects.

Top 10 expensive subjects Average amount spent per child per year National average
PE £22.70 £314m
Music £21.20 £293m
Technology (E.g., Resistant Materials, Food, Textiles) £21.10 £292m
Art £19.00 £263m
Science £17.30 £239m
Languages £16.90 £234m
Math £16.50 £228m
Social Studies £16.00 £221m
Drama £15.60 £215m
English £15.50 £214m

Where to Grab some Bargains

Stationary: One of the best places right now is b&m Stores, with a vast array of pens, pencils, pencil cases all coming in under £1.00, and backpacks coming in under £5.00

School Uniform: They never fail to disappoint when it comes to decent quality at a great price, and this year in no different, George at Asda have you covered with uniforms coming in at £7.50!

Shirts Polo and formal are as little as £3.00, as are both trousers and Skirts, these are great for younger kids who seem to get into all sorts of scrapes in the playground, tough wearing and wont break the bank.

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