6 Surprising Uses for that Rice in your Cupboard

by Colleen B from Expert Home Tips

We all have some rice in the cupboard, but did you know you can do more than just eat it? Here are six uses for rice that will really surprise you. Hope you like them!

1.Build your own universal knife block

If you love to cook and you have a lot of different knives you’ll love this idea. Fill up a utensil holder with rice and use it to store all those excess knives that won’t fit in your main knife block. This idea is so much cheaper than buying a black fibre universal knife block.


2.Make Rainbow Rice

Enjoy sensory play by creating colourful rice with the kids! You can find out exactly how to make rainbow rice with Happyhooligans.ca.

3.Use Rice for Blind Baking

Are you baking pastry that needs to be blind baked before filling? Instead of shelling out for expensive baking beans, use rice to weigh the pastry down instead. It can be used again and again, just keep it in a sandwich bag for the next time you need to make a delicious tart.

4.Make Rice Glue

Who knew you could make glue out of rice? Not I! Rice glue dries hard and almost transparent, making it ideal for paper crafts.  Follow the instructions at Wikihow.com.

5.Prevent Salt from Clumping

Gone to sprinkle salt on your chips, only to find it annoyingly clumpy? Add a few grains of uncooked rice into your salt shaker. The rice will suck up all the moisture leaving your salt magically clump-free.  Hurrah!

6.Make a Hand Warmer

This is a great project for when it starts to get cold and a brilliant way to use that rice in your cupboard. You don’t need much, just grab some fabric, sewing equipment, scissors and of course – rice. Follow the instructions at Raeannkelly.com.

You can see more uses in my blog post: 19 astonishing uses for that rice in your cupboard
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