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24|7 Home Rescue is a specialist, nationwide provider of boiler, appliance and home emergency cover for landlords and homeowners.

How We Operate

In designing our service plan we decided to become fully independent but still operate the similar underwriting model as required by the Insurance Industry.

As a service provider 24|7 Home Rescue operates as a non-insurance registered entity. This is a very important attribute in keeping our operating costs to a minimum. Traditional warranty companies usually operate on an insured basis and are either owned or contracted to an insurance company.

24|7 Home Rescue is a secure business and the owners of 24|7 Home Rescue are financially independent. The senior partners have operated within the warranty marketplace for almost 20 years. The business is operated on prudential lines utilising owner reserves of capital but importantly, without the need for shareholders, bank loans or overdrafts.

An important aspect of a 24|7 Home Rescue plan is that we insist that we control the business, and to this end we, both contractually and legally, operate on a completely discretionary basis. We believe that provides us with more power than we would otherwise have when operating under the strict controls of insurance underwriters. We use this discretion to ensure that you, as our customer, receive a fair and equitable resolution to each and every request you make.

Insurance policies are typically designed with deliberate ambiguity, in order to give underwriters the power to dispute or disallow claims and repairs. This allows insurers to reduce their pay-outs and control their cost base.

We believe we use our discretion wisely, so we can best meet the interests of our customers. By doing so, we can protect ourselves against fraud and extend our service so we can deal with any given situation.

Whose products do we offer?
We only offer products from 24|7 Home Assist Ltd

Mission statement

“To provide first-class boiler breakdown, appliance and home emergency cover by delivering excellent customer service through best business practices.”

We offer an improved standard of service and honest, reliable and affordable rates. With us, landlords, their tenants and homeowners can access trustworthy tradesmen every second of the year. Thanks to our close networking with industry bodies and sole traders, nobody is more than a few moments away from 24/7 assistance when they’re with us.

We provide the best possible standards of customer service to people all over the UK, delivering an incredibly high standard of service at market-leading prices and offering people the cover they need at a price they can afford.

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