Supermarket Survival Guide

Our supermarket survival guide is here to help you shave of hundreds of pounds a year from your weekly grocery bill. These days there are plenty of bargains to be had at your local supermarket and with the rise of the discount brands Aldi and Lidl its even easier to save money, but only if you are on the ball as the all of the brands including the discount stores set up a variety of what I like to call retail traps which are designed to make you spend more than you planned.

  • Avoid the BOGOF deals like the plague unless the deals are on items which you were planning to buy before you saw the offer, these are just deals designed to make you buy more of one product and ultimately spend more too.

  • Plan ahead, it’s an old piece of advice this, but make a shopping list and stick to it no matter how bigger a temptation it is to impulse buy.

  • Before you leave the house, get yourself into the kitchen and check the cupboards and freezer to see what you have left, what’s the point of buying more food if you have meals left uneaten already to go.

  • Don’t shop if you are hungry, it makes a huge difference to the way we shop if we are craving food, you just end up with a lot of crap in your trolley, and usually you end up binning most of it after the hunger pains have gone.

  • Don’t buy big brand names for all of your shopping, again it’s an old one but it really is a fact that most store brands are every bit as good as name brands, you can save hundreds just by switching down on just a few items.

  • Never ever shop on payday, wait at least 24 hours before you do a big shop, you are far more likely to spend more than you should if you hit the shops on payday, you feel flush and you splash out, you then suffer with buyers remorse as you know you overspent.

  • Take and save every discount coupon you come across, they can add up to hundreds over the course of a year and will save you a small fortune, visit sites like extreme couponing for tips and the latest coupons and vouchers.

  • Compare your shopping online with MySupermarket, you can see all of the stores and what your shopping list will cost at each of them, you can also buy online directly via the site or app, or if you prefer simply go into the best options store yourself.

  • Don’t forget to get cashback via sites such as TopCashBack, you will be amazed how quickly it adds up over 12 months, and that’s hard cash in the bank for you to spend anywhere.

  • If you are loyal and don’t want to switch stores, make sure you are signed up to any rewards schemes they are running, you may as well benefit from the points or discounts you can earn.

  • Avoid doing mini midweek shops, these are the ones that will drain your current account like a thief in the night, do one big shop each week and then say away from the shops all together.