Summer the Savings Season

by Debt Busting Expert, Richard Fenton

Summer time is just around the corner, the days are getting longer and the mornings are getting easier to deal with as many of us begin to get out of bed as the daylight breaks into the bedroom, and for some of us the weather is even starting to show signs of improvement too, but the summer also brings with it some other benefits too, it’s a season of savings in and around the home.

So how do the summer months save us money? Well in more ways than you might initially think, and if you play your cards right you may even be able to save enough for a summer break, or at the very least save up some spending money for ice cream and a new outfit for the beach!

Energy Savings: yes, I am going to start with the obvious one, of course we all turn down the heating during the summer months, which is a good start as it will save you as much as 80% compared to the Winter months, but what about the other ways we can save our money on energy in the summer? Here are some little tips which should get you to as much as 90% in savings:

  1. Change up your meal planner for summer, eat plenty of fresh salads with your meals instead of cooking vegetables, salad goes great with lots of things and doesn’t need to be boring.
  2. Lighting, make sure you keep the lights of while the sun is shining, we always turn the heat down but many of us still burn electricity as we have a habit of flicking the switch as soon as we enter a room.
  3. Use the BBQ on hot days instead of the cooker, its much cheaper and it’s a lot more fun and the food is tasty too.
  4. Buy cheap solar lights for the garden and switch off the outside lights once dusk arrives, its cheap and the lights are very cheap to buy, check out your local pound shop.
  5. Dry your washing on the line, they smell great and dry in next to no time at all, and the savings on energy are huge too.

Get your Boiler Serviced: the summer months are a quiet time for heating engineers, which is why it’s a great time to get your service booked in, as typically you can expect to pay 20% less than the rest of the year, do some research and look for companies who are offering summer deals, it’s also more convenient if there is a problem which needs sorting.

Look out for Free to Attend Events: This time of year sees many local communities start putting on events which are free to attend and offer a great day out, such as summer fares and country shows, you may be in a big city with plenty of free national museums or summer events going on, don’t forget to pack a picnic don’t blow the savings on expensive takeaway food.
Enjoy Your Health: It’s a simple fact that many of us feel much better in the summer, we are much happier and often minor ailments remain at bay during the hazy days of summer, this reduces the number of lost days at work and makes us more productive, of course some of you may get hit by hay fever, if you are one of those don’t buy the big brand names go for the cheaper options which still have the active ingredients in them.
Walk More: Ditch the car for those short journeys and save on fuel and running costs, you will not only make notable savings but you will also be investing in your health and wellbeing too, as well as doing something good for the environment.