Spending Diet the New Way to Cut the Cost of Living

There’s nothing quite like a fad diets to get results when you want to shift those extra pounds from your waistline, but what about a fad diet if you want to stop losing pounds out of your bank account? Well DebtBustingExpert have come up with a fad diet for all of you who want to save cash, and believe it or not we may even do an money saving exercise video too, but don’t worry that won’t mean you will have to endure seeing me in skin tight latex.

So how does our diet work, well it’s a simple seven day money saving diet with exercises to be completed each day of the week.

Day One Sunday: Grab some Cash

Sunday is our key day for our diet as today is the day we set out our cash spending plan for the whole week, here how this works, before you retire for the evening you need to set yourself a cash only budget for the week ahead, ideally you need to cut in half what you would normally spend Monday through to Friday, so if you normally spend a £100.00 your target is £50.00.

Once you have your budget, go to the cash point and get the cash out of the bank, the key here is that you MUST leave all of your cards at home and only carry the cash you need for each day, so if your budget is £50.00 you only leave the house with a tenner.

Day Two Monday: Switch it Around

I bleat on and on about this little trick, but it’s still surprising just how many people have yet to switch energy suppliers, so Monday night is the night you get online and compare your current energy supplier with all of the other deals which are out there, if you have still not switched its fair to say you can easily expect to save £250.00 over the course of 12 months, and it’s too easy not to do.

Day Three Tuesday: Reward Yourself

Don’t get too excited I am not about to say get out there and buy a treat, well not yet anyway, but one thing we should all be doing is making sure that we are signed up to all of the reward programs available at the places already shop, and that’s the key, only sign up to programmes where you shop now, such as Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury etc, also check with your bank to see if your account has any form of rewards programme on it.

Also you can reward yourself by using cashback sites such as TopCashBack these are great ways of getting cash on items you are buying anyway, you can bag as much as £350.00 a year.

Day Four Wednesday: Start Selling

The best way to save cash is by making some extra cash, its midweek and it’s time to take stock, literally take stock that’s is, get around your house and see what you have that could be sold for extra cash, you can then flog it on Ebay, Amazon or Spock ideally on all three. You will be surprised by just how much cash you can make doing this


Day Five Thursday: Shed Some Light on Your Successes

Get around the whole of your house and make sure you have energy efficient bulbs in every room, you can generally get free bulbs from your energy supplier, but even if you have to buy your own you will be amazed just how much you save and just how long these bulbs will last you before being replaced.

Day Six Friday: Celebrate Your Week of Hard Work

With a cosy night in at home with your partner / friends, cook up a nice homemade meal such as a cheap curry or homemade Pizza and invite guests over, tell them you are cooking and ask them to bring booze or a desert, you can have a good catch up with those close to you without spending a fortune going out on the town. If it’s a cosy night in for two, find a crappy film on TV to watch and get on the sofa with nibbles and some good priced wine, it’s not the film which will make your night but the company you are in.

Day Seven Saturday: List it Before you Buy It

Its Saturday and time for the weekly shop, before you hit the supermarket make a list of everything you need, and get into the kitchen and double check what you have in the cupboards and the freezer too, no need to buy meals if you have uneaten food in the house, what use is a full freezer? It amazes me how many of us have freezers full of food we have yet to eat, food is for eating not freezing for all eternity, you may just be amazed how much cash you have frozen in the freezer.

full freezer

Once you have your list, stick to it, my advice is go shopping at peak times when supermarkets are at their most unbearable, that way you will be motivated to get the job done before you are seduced by a mountain of special offers.