Six Stupid ways People Save Money

We are all about saving money at DGOT as well as pointing you in the right direction of all the best deals on the web and the high street, not to mention the many ways we have shown you how to make money, some stupid ways I grant you but all the same they do work.

Well now that I have put most of my key words in the opening paragraph let me tell you about this little list, over the years of browsing the web I have come across tens of thousands of ways people save cash, most of which are to be fair utter bullshit, the vast majority of tips you find online are utter crap, or just simply not worth the effort, so today I bring you my first list of top ten stupid ways people try and save money.

  1. Split the Toilet Paper: What I mean by this is, people actually will take two ply toilet role and pull it apart, giving them two rolls for the price of one, the very thought of this makes me want to lose my lunch, but this is the world we are in, extreme to say the least.


  1. Knit your own clothes out of dog hair: This is actually a thing, now I am not saying anything about quality here, but for fucks sake who the hell wants cloths made out of the hair of the family dog? I mean what the hell you smell like when it rains, like wet fucking Labrador I guess.


  1. Do not flush your toilet for a week: I have seen this one floating around for a while, but no one likes a floater especially in our house, this is one of the stupidest suggestions I have seen, I do think conserving water is a good tactic, but conserving last night’s dinner in the bathroom for a week, piss off is my advice.


  1. Use coupons on dates: This little gem came from across the pond from a guy who says too many woman go on dates for a free dinner, so he suggests using vouchers to save cash, mate you need to get a grip, in fact I am guessing you frequently have to with that attitude to dating.


  1. Drying and reusing paper towels: I actually know someone who does this, I thought it was a joke at my expense at first, but no the dry old used dirty paper towels so they can be used again, I should point out that the guy in the picture isn’t known to me, but I understand this is quite a common one, NO people it’s too far, calm down.


  1. Eat in restaurants with bad reviews: This one is priceless, the author suggests you get onto Yelp or Trip Advisor and only eat in places with bad reviews, then demand a discount, fast route to the shits in a toilet that hasn’t been flushed for a week and only has one ply bog roll, get a grip.