Mind over Money, Mental Health Help and Advice

Today I have a slightly unusual take on money saving and good money management, you may already be aware that Mental Health in the UK is a growing concern for many people with 1 in 4 of us suffering from some form of mental illness during our lifetime, which has led to the NHS making some serious commitments to investing more money than ever before to help those who are in crisis. This coupled with the fact that as a nation we are working hard to remove the stigma of mental health problems means that more people are looking at ways to combat the problem for themselves or those close to them.

Research shows that Personal finances and mental health often have a strong impact on each other, for example many people who are struggling with their finances can often fall into a state of depression or anxiety as a result, and many people who are living with mental health problems can often find that their finances become neglected as they try to overcome the issues brought on by ill health, much the same way that any physical issues would.

It’s fair to say that money issues are one of the most stressful to deal with, and it comes as no surprise to me to learn that they can have an adverse effect on our mental well being. So this week I want to give you three options which will help anyone who suffering with mental health issues arising from money worries.

  1. Talk to your GP, it may seem like an obvious thing to say, but the reality is if you are worried about money and suffering anxiety as a result you may think that your GP won’t be interested, in fact many people I talk assume because their problems are triggered by money it’s not an option, but it very much is your GP will be only too happy to talk to you so that they can then refer you to a specialist councillor or therapist who will be able to help you manage your issues, in some cases they may even be able to write to your creditors too and ask that they give you breathing space.

  2. Go down the independent counselling route, this isn’t as expensive as you might think, in fact I would even suggest that budgeting for therapy is money well spent, in the US is perfectly normal to see a therapist on regular basis to help maintain good mental health, prevention is better than a cure after all. One of the best places to visit which offers qualified counselling at extremely competitive rates is TOSPS.com a site dedicated to delivering online therapy via a secure video conference call with you and your therapist anytime and anywhere, a great service which I have used myself with great results, with one session costing from £15 – £60 per session its very reasonably priced.

  3. MIND, the UK’s biggest mental health charity is a great place to visit with a whole host of very useful information on where to go if you need help, if you are not comfortable with either of my other two recommendations then MIND is defiantly a great place to start.