How to Be a Savvy Energy Shopper

Many of my regular readers will know just how passionate I can be when it comes to getting the best deals on the high street or online, whether it’s your weekly food shop, new clothes or the very latest tech gadget I am usually right there with some top tips designed to help you get the best deal. But today I want to share with you some top tips around shopping for the best deals when it comes to the energy we use in our homes, for years we have been able to shop around and get a better deal, and with energy prices so fickle its vital to stay on top of the game when it comes to finding the best deal for you, and that’s the key here it has to be the best deal for you, not all deals are good value for everyone, it all depends on a number of factors.

Now I am betting that anyone reading this is already aware of the many price comparison sites which are out there all claiming to give you the best possible deal, and many of them are indeed excellent tools to use, but how do you know which of the comparison sites can be trusted to give you the best deal for your home? It’s all good and well taking advice from people like me, but let’s face it I am a finance expert not an energy expert, so today I want to share with you a new tool which is offered by not only an expert in this field, but they are also impartial and they are the energy markets watchdog, which is why when they asked me to write this sponsored post it was an easy yes.


I am of course talking about Ofgem, and they have launched a very useful site called, and it is an excellent place to start when you are about to look for a better deal for your household, it’s simple and very effective and what’s more it allows you to shop with confidence.

The site is packed with useful information and even decodes the jargon often used on our energy bills, it helps you to understand exactly what you need to know right from the very start, but by far my favourite section is the list of Ofgem accredited  , it’s a solid list of companies you can deal with in confidence, there are some big names you will know and some lesser names you may see for the first time, but with the Ofgem seal of approval all can be used without fear of bias to any one supplier.

So remember, being a savvy shopper isn’t just about getting a cheaper deal on things we can put in our shopping baskets, it’s about all things, take a look at the site today at Be an Energy Shopper you might just save enough money to give yourself a special treat.