My Guide to Avoiding Chuggers

Now before I start this piece I want to point out that I do think that giving to charity is a good thing, it’s something I have always done and will continue to do, but I do it on my terms and with the Charites I feel  I most want to support.

Now that’s out there I want to talk about CHUGGERS, if you are not familiar with the term it means charity mugger, you know who they are they are the people in the bright coloured jackets who ambush you every single day when you are out and about doing your shopping or trying to grab some lunch.

Now I am going to be brutally honest here and put my cards on the table, I hate this practice with an absolute passion, I think it’s an absolutely disgraceful way for any organisation to raise funds, as I mentioned before I support charities and always will, but the way these gangs and they are gangs function is not on. I work in central Glasgow and currently we have and have had for a while an epidemic of chuggers on the streets, often in the poorest parts of the city.


On more than one occasion I have been approached 3 times by the same charity in the space of 60 seconds as I walk down the street, each time having to knock them back and each time either being ignored as they still try and stop me or worse getting a very sarcastic and even rude response back.

It’s very clear to me that many people who are actually stopping to talk to these chuggers are doing so as they can’t muster up the courage to say no to charity and its guilt that makes them stop and its guilt that makes them feel as if they should sign up for a DD to whatever charity has ambushed them.

For the record it is OK to say no to charity, do not ever feel pressurised into stopping and talking to these people, I appreciate they are only doing a job but often more often than not in fact the people who are out there stopping us are either rude, too pushy or they target easy prey, there are better more appropriate ways to raise funds than this.

Here are my Top Tips for Stopping Chuggers in their tracks.

  1. Simply ignore them, don’t even look at them and walk on past, simple but effective.

  1. If they do catch your eye and come at you with that over happy gleeful approach they use, look straight at them and with a serial killer steely glaze in your eyes say NO!

  1. Say that a judge made it very clear they’re not allowed to talk to people from charities any more. Not after last time.

  1. If they do stop you after you have said no, take your phone out and take their photo and tell them you will be make a complaint to the charity.

  1. Give them a wide birth, although I have seen some skip after people who do this.

  1. If they catch your eye, look angry and speed up your pace as you walk towards them, they will get out of your way.