Cheap Fun Sandwiches

This month we teamed up with the lovely people at and asked them to come up with some cheap sandwiches but with a twist, and they certainly raised up to the challenge on this one with a variety of tasty and cheap alternatives to the usual cheese ham and pickle I have for my lunch most days.

So sit back and watch our six favourite sandwiches fillings and if you are feeling braze enough have a go at making them yourself at home, or even better still why not have a go at making your very own sandwich and sending us the recipe, if we like the sound of it we will make it, film it and eat it and post it right here in the wacky sandwich hall of fame.


#1 Toasted Brioche / Chocolate & Marshmallows  

#2 Avocado & Pork Scratching’s


#3 Noodles & Cheese


#4 Strawberry Sandwich