Big Brands Costing UK Shoppers

Brand Loyalty Costing You Over £1000.00 a Year!

As a nation we all love to buy the big names when we are out and about shopping, and in fairness quite often a well-known brand can give you far more for your money, but it’s not always the case and I for one believe that you can save money by the fits full every time you hit the supermarket for your weekly grocery shop. If like me you spend £80.00 or more on your weekly shop you may be surprised to learn that if you are currently buying brand name produce with a small mix of supermarket branded goods, that you could with ease save over well over £1000.00 over the course of the year.


By switching out all of the branded goods to name brand or value brand goods you will easily save a fortune, now I am realist and don’t think for a second that I could convince you to swap your entire shop out and away from the big brands, but even if you switched just half, that’s still an impressive £500.00 a year you could save. On average you should be able to save between 25% to 30%.

So to help you get started here are some tips on trading down a brand on your weekly shop:

  • All that’s glitters is not gold, the supermarkets may cover their ready meals with the words finest or something similar, but there isn’t anything fine about a meal you stick in the microwave for 4 minutes, you may as well go down to the store brand and season to taste.
  • Price simply isn’t an indication of quality, far from it in fact, many of the bigger names charge a premium because they know we are snobs, when the reality is the cheaper lesser known brands are just as good and quite often even better. Buy to taste not on price.
  • There are four distinct levels at which goods are sold in all of the big six supermarkets, they are:
  1. Premium: Named with words like ‘finest’ or ‘luxury’ to imply it’s a treat.
  1. Branded: Products like McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes or Kellogg’s cereal.
  1. Own Brand: These tend to be presented in a similar way to manufacturers’ brands, but with the supermarket’s own take on it.
  1. Value: With names like ‘basic’ or ‘savers’, the presentation is deliberately stark to imply it’s cut back to the bones.

Make sure you are familiar with the four types of products listed above, and use it as a guide to switching down a brand, you won’t always prefer the cheaper alternative but I bet in most cases you will be more than happy with it and able to enjoy it, and the more you think about just how much cash you have saved the more enjoyable they are.

  • Always remember to compare the prices as you shop, some weeks you may find the big brands are on offer and can in that case be cheaper than store brand or even value brand, in which case stock up and save even more money.
  • Before you leave the house and before you spend one single penny, you can check just how much you will save by using the fab simply visit the site and register, and then do a shop online and they will tell you just how much you can save between stores, and you can replace the branded items you would normally buy with the next level down, showing you just how much you can save. You don’t have to buy online, you can simply log off and pop down to the shops in person if you prefer.