20 of the World’s Worst Money Saving Tips

Being a person who makes a living writing about all things money saving I come across quite a lot of sites and publications who do very similar things, and to be fair there are some fantastic sites out there with a whole host of very useful information about making the most of your money. But equally there is some utter shite out there too, today I want to share with you some of the most cringe worthy money saving tips we have found over the years on real sites, I don’t want to name and shame them as I do know some of them personally, but really guys some of these are just ridiculous.

  1. Stop paying people to come out to repair your home appliances – Unless you happen to be tradesperson with the required skills to do the job, this isn’t only bad advice but it’s also very dangerous too, never fix appliances yourself unless you are trained to do so.
  2. Make lipstick out of crayons – I don’t use the stuff myself, but really this just has be the dumbest thing I have seen in a while, and I just watched Donald Trump make a speech.
  3. Leave Tupperware at work to take any free company meals home with you – Just no, if you have a job where meals are provided as part of the job, then you don’t need to stoop so low, if there is left over food a better thing to do would be to donate it to a homeless charity instead.
  4. Get a gym membership so you never have to shower at home – This tip stinks, both in practical terms and in money saving terms, it simply just isn’t logical at all.
  5. Find out the dates and times of local gallery events to get free food and drink – No on every level, by all means visit a local gallery but I would expect anything beyond some nibbles and expensive art.
  6. Separate your toilet roll into it’s two separate parts to make it last twice as long – The consequences that this one will reap upon anyone who tries it are well deserved indeed, and can only result in more paper than usual being used.
  7. Crafting-with-cat-fur-book Knit with animal fur instead of constantly buying new supplies – I feel sick and I have cats, who the hell would do this apart from a character out of a Stephen King novel.
  8. If you want to buy a new fancy TV, get a pay day loan – This is the worst tip I have ever seen in my professional life, the author needs a swift kick in the arse.
  9. If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down – Even the narrative of this one makes me green around the gills, flush every time and avoid having time of work with dysentery.
  10. Reuse plastic cutlery, and if you can, grab more of it from cafes – If you have cutlery at home why on earth would you start using plastic cutlery in the home? And if you are going out on a picnic take the real deal and wash up you lazy sod.
  11. Use vouchers and discounts on dates – And never marry as all of your dates will run a mile when they see how cheap you are, you will save a fortune on rings and the wedding.
  12. Return all gifts you’re given, and find them cheaper online or in sales – You would have to be a special kind of person to this, one that I suspect rarely receives gifts other than parting ones.
  13. Reuse paper towels – I know someone who actually does this, he hangs them out to dry once he has used them, he is ex CID too, says it all.
  14. Live without toilet paper – and friends, what kind of hell do these people want to endure in the name of saving a few pence.
  15. Stop using taps and collect your own drinking water. Why not also shack up in the woods with a pack of wild dogs too, get a grip.
  16. Toothpaste-mints don’t buy mints for your dinner party, So you are hosting a dinner party, with food and drink but then pull out your toothpaste after dinner mints! What planet is the author of this gem on.
  17. Eat other customer’s leftovers at restaurants – Is the author suggesting that we walk in of the street and start eating stranger’s leftovers? I mean if we are a paying customer why would we need to? Or are they saying root through the bins at the back, who knows its disgusting either way.
  18. Sleep in the airport – This is instead of booking a hotel, unless you are Tom Hanks I don’t think so, it’s bad enough waiting for your flight at an airport why the hell would you extend the hell.
  19. Fast one day a week – Do not do this, its bad advice and could cause you issues down the line.
  20. Wear clothes for at least a week before washing – No no no,